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Tour Operator: Irish Tourism (NI) Ltd 2 hours Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Belfast

Political Tour of the Murals

We invite you to walk the streets of the city on both sides of the Peace Wall.

Our guide has had the opportunity to hear the testimonies of former political prisoners from both communities and their personal stories, conveying their message and local culture throughout the tour.

This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to learn details of the facts you won't get in the history books about that turbulent period of the Contemporary Age.

Explore up close, on foot, the city's world-famous murals that earn its reputation as the world's largest outdoor art gallery, and understand the stories behind them.

It starts at Divis Street in front of Radio Fáilte.
Price £12 per person

Tour description

To begin, we will learn the story behind the murals of the Falls road neighborhood and the Republican ideology. We will witness the desire of this community to be part of the Republic of Ireland.

On the second part of the tour, we will pass through the gates that form part of the Peace Wall in English, and once we cross, we will be in the neighborhood of Shankill Road, a predominantly Protestant area. You will witness the determination of the locals who wish to continue to belong to the United Kingdom and you will have the opportunity to see up close the Wall of Peace, a wall that remains there to this day, physically dividing both communities.

Tour details

  • Duration: approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.
  • Language: Spanish-speaking guide.
  • Meeting point: Divis Street, Radio Fáilte.
  • Price: £12 per person.

Important information:

  • The meeting point for this tour is on Divis Street (at the bottom of Falls Road), and the tour ends at Lower Shankill Road, with a total walking distance of 5 km. We do not recommend this tour for children under 14.
  • **
  • The recent period known as “The Troubles” was a very controversial time and still remains vivid in the minds and hearts of many people.
  • The purpose of this tour is to give the guest an idea of the area, and how men and women gave their lives and their freedom for an ideal. The violence that took place during this period resulted in the loss of lives of both combatants and innocent people.
  • Belfast Free Walking Tour does not endorse any political viewpoint or the use of violence nor does it promote any political position.

** Children are allowed at the discretion and responsibility of their parents. Note that graphical explanations of the violence experienced during that period can be commented on.

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