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Tour Operator: Tourope UK Ltd 4 hours Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: London

Half Day Private London Tour with Horse Guards Parade

The Four 'o'clock Parade, also known as the Dismounting Ceremony and Punishment Parade takes place at 16:00 hours in the courtyard in front of the Horse Guards building. (Facing Whitehall). This Four 'o'clock Parade started in 1894 when Queen Victoria found the entire guard drinking and gambling while on duty. As a punishment, she said they had to be inspected every day at 4 pm by an officer for the next 100 years! The 100 years finished in 1994. However, the reigning Queen wanted the parade to continue as a tradition. Horse Guard Parade may not be as popular or well-known as the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace; nevertheless, the Changing the Queen’s Lifeguard ceremony at the Horse Guards Parade provides tourists with some spectacular photo-taking opportunities. Changing the Queen’s Lifeguard ceremony tour programme, you can combine AM half-day tour in London to make your London visit a most memorable one.

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