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Propose & pre-wedding photoshoot in London

    Tour Operator: Skylens Studio     1 hour     Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: London

Propose photoshoot in London

Asking someone to marry you is a big deal (as in a really, really big deal), but proposal planning is one of the best ways to ease those all-too-common pre-marriage proposal nerves.

The first step hires a professional photographer to make sure to capture this amazing moment. She/He will love it! Also is a beautiful gift.

After booking we will contact you to help you organise everything. As long we are doing it for so many years we know the best spots to propose, we will give you some ideas and suggestion on how to do it. Moreover, we will help you how to "lie" in a beautiful way your partner that will have no idea what is going to happen! 

You will get to pick 1 of the 2 following options:

1. 30 (approximately) edited pictures within a week; or

2. All raw pictures, sending during 24 hours

What else is include:

- Guide how to prepare for the photoshoot

- 2-3 area of the photoshoot (you can choose the location)

- Possible boomerangs, short video for Instastory for your request (free of charge)

This is for you if:

- want to capture the most important moment of your life 

- she/he will love the memories of propose as a gift 

- want us to organise everything for you (where to propose, where to go etc) 

- don't know from where to start and need a free consultation 

We are welcome 

  • Guests with disabilities (Please let us know if you have any special request to adjust our photoshoot to us),
  • Guests LGBTQ.

We have been shooting professionally from last 8 years and have worked with some of the biggest brands, fashion bloggers and celebrities in the world.

Our photoshoot Equipment

  • Camera Nikon D750 here
  • Nikkor 24-120 mm lens here
  • Sony A7 III here
  • Lens 85 mm f1.8 here
  • Lens 16-35 mm f4 here
  • Lens 24-70 mm f4 here
  • Lens 70-200 mm here

All the involvement we guarantee wonderful experiences and magical "yes" from your partner :) 

Question? Feel free to contact us on IG @photowalk_in_london

Best price guarantee
No hidden costs
Difficulty: Easy

What is included

What is include:

- Equipment worth £10.000

- Free guide on how to prepare for a photoshoot

- Editing images send within a week or all raw photos send with 24 hours

- Experienced photographer who will share and guide how to pose to get the best of the photoshoot.

- Possible boomerangs, short video for Instastory for your request (free of charge)

Important information

What should bring:

- good mood! We will have so much fun!

- comfortable shoes, if you are planning to wear high heels, please make sure you also get some comfortable shoes which you will use to walk from one spot to another. When we will take photos of you, you can change your shoes for your high heels.

- accessories - for example sunglasses, watch, another jacket. To make the photos more creative.

When you will book the photoshoot with us, after booking we will send you step by step guide how to prepare and what to bring.


  • Wheelchair accessible

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Best price guarantee